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New IOC Technology and Information Director
The IOC has found a new Technology and Information Director: Ilario Corna took up this role at the beginning of November. Last year, IKL became officially part of the IOC’s Technology and Information Department (DTchess coaching near meI).
Previously the Executive Vice President TV & Smart Products for Swisscom, Ilario has over 10 years of international experience in information and technology services, broadcast, digital media and e-commerce for companies such as Swisscom, Discovery, RSI and Bell Media. He has managed IT infrastructure and delivered digital transformation and process improvement and efficiencies while providing customer-centric and technology-driven products and services. In the Olympic nepo chessand sports sector, Ilario worked for the Canadian Olympic Broadcasting Consortium at the time of the Olympic Games Vancouver 2010 and London 2012, and later establisheplaychess chessbased the digital transformation of the delivery of the 2015 European Games in Baku. He studied computer science and engineering in Switzerland and Canada, and speaks English, French, Italian (his first language) and German.

People Management in OCOGs – new roles and responsibilities in the IOC
The IOC recently re-structured internally the People Management (PEM) roles and responsibilities, drawing on a range of resources to deliver the most appropriate level of advice to OCOGs. 
Whereas PEM was previously led by IKL, the general interaction between the IOC and the OCOGs’ PEM FA (regarding general questions/updates, revised organisational chart submissions, etc.) and the monitoring of the milestones in the Master Schedule will now fall under the management of the Games Delivery Office (GDO). Chris Payne, IKL Associate Director, will still be looking after the alignment of PEM with leartanya chessning aspects. All OCOGs have been informed about these changes and about their respective GDO contact persons.

New COVID-19 knowledge capture and documentation project
A new IOC project aims to document and capture the discussions, decisions and knowledge of the impact of COVID-19 and the postponement of the Olympic Games Tok3 man chessyo 2020 – a first in history. Led jointly by The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) and the IOC’s IKL team, combining their expertise in capturing and sharing knowledge, the project kicked off in March 2020 andaims to preserve, safeguard and archive this unprecedented situation for use in diverse knowledge and learning contexts.

OGK updates and knowledge platforms survey
You can now find updated versions of three case studies,the Detailed Specifications for Accreditation at the Olympic Games (OHC – OR Annex) and ofthe IPC Accessibility Guide as well as fresh OCOG-produced content (OPC) on OGK (Olympic Games Knowledge). In addition, and for the first time, Paris 2024 documents have been published alongside the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 regular drops. And don’t forget to have a look on VGL (Visual Games Learning) for a vast range of visual learning material!
A new knowledge platforms survey will be sent out chess academyin due course to OCOGs, the IOC Games Management team and IOC advisors. Its purpose is to evaluate the level of usage of and satisfaction with OGK, VGL, Games Terminology and the Games Delivery Hub.facebook

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