Lillehammer Olympic and Paralympic Studies Centre

After hosting both the 1994 Olympic Winter Games and the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG), Lillehammer has become a region rich in expertise on winter sport, the Olympic Games and event organisation.A new institution is working to harness that local know-how to educate others. The Lillehammer Olympic and Paralympic Studies Centre (LOSC), inaugurated in 2018, is actively using the legacy of 1994 and 2016 to develop the next generation of Norway’s athletes and promote Norwegian sport globally.

The LOSC was formed through a partnership between the Inland Norway University of Applchess24comied Sciences (INN University) and the Norwegian Olympic Museum, both based in Lillehammer.

Its central mission is twofold. First, to develop and support a network of researchers whose aim is to promrick and morty chess setote knowledge about the Olympic Games, management of sports and sporting events, and topics like legacy, sustainability and economics, both nationally and internationally. Second, it is a resource centre for professionals and students working inelectronic chess this field at all levels.

Through the cooperation of experts at both the INN University and the Norwegian Olympic Museum, a wide nlondon chess classicetwork of researchers, expsimple chesserts and students can be connected. LOScustom chess setsC is also associated with some 40 other Olympic Studies Centres worldwide, through the International Colloquium of Olympic Studies and Research Centres.

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